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Hello, and good afternoon, everyone. Sean Howell with E*TRADE. And we are continuing our webinar week today. In fact, we are continuing with a very popular session in which Dave Whitmore is going to take us, and walk us through many of the features of Power E*TRADE. This session is primarily going to be off road. In other words, he's going to be sharing with you his screen. So I want to walk you through a couple of things regarding screen sharing.

What you should be seeing right now, it says become familiar at the top. That is one of the widgets. That widget contains the slides. The majority of Dave's presentation does not contain slides. You're going to need to switch over to media player when he starts talking about his screen share. Otherwise, you'll be sending me Q&A's saying, I'm still looking at the same slide. So you've got the widget you're looking at. Then you've got the media player widget.

There's also a Q&A widget. If you've got questions about what Dave is showing, please ask me. I'll do my best to go ahead and respond. It's a little bit like a chat window. So it's just a conversation between you and I. And also, if you have any technical issues, we've got Darla on the call to walk you through maybe some of the solutions if you are not seeing what's going on, or hearing what's going on.

Finally, as we go to wrap, or if you need to leave today, please do take a moment to go ahead and fill out the survey. We really appreciate that. We really appreciate the comments, too. We like to know what we did right, but we also like to know what we can do better in the future-- what you would like to see in the future.

There is a resource list that you can download the slides. Really, no slides to download here since it is going to be an off road session. And then finally, the last thing before I turn it over to Dave is going to be E* is where you're going to find this session in a recorded from. But you'll also find many other sessions that are in a recorded form. And you'll also find what it is that we are doing for the remainder of this week, and again, for future seminars. With that, Dave, take it away.

All right. Thank you, Sean. Thanks for kicking that off for me. Welcome everybody. Thanks for joining me. As Sean mentioned, I'm going to do this by sharing my screen. So I'm going to set that up as I'm speaking to you right now. The screen I'm sharing is my second monitor. And this is where I run Power E*TRADE. So that's what's going to fill that. I think Sean said it was the media player window. And that should come up automatically over on the left side. And you can maximize that, by the way, to get a better view. Might want to do that.

So to start with this, though, I'm going to back up a little bit. This is the platform here. I'm going to I'm going to back out of this, and I'm actually going to go over to the E*TRADE website to set up a little background for Power E*TRADE. First off, this is the complete view [AUDIO OUT] again to E*TRADE. And the reason I have come here-- let me bump this up in size a little bit for you here. The reason I came here is because it is in the launch pad, which is right over here on the right hand side, where you can launch Power E*TRADE.

You can see some other elements down here that you can launch, including our paper trading application. Which I'm also going to launch because it actually runs on the same platform as Power E*TRADE. So they look alike with some differences. So I'm going to bring that up for you too. To launch it, you just simply click the button here. I'm not going to do that quite yet. First, let me give you a little compare and contrast and background on this.

First off, why use Power E*TRADE? Well, the reason is because it really gives you a more efficient way to watch the market, and interact with the market, and manage your account. It brings together real-time market data, real-time streaming charts, a ton of options-related material if you are an options trader. Although this is by no means just an option trading platform. It's great for equity traders as well. So it's a streaming, real-time trading environment. It is a much more efficient way. So if you're engaged in the market each day of the week, you should be using Power E*TRADE.

It's no installation. It's not a download. It runs in a browser. And it runs with fancy HTML. It's called HTML5. It's more advanced HTML that allows for customizing the interface, and streaming, and you being able to personalize the functionality of it. So there's a lot of reasons to use it. Now the website has fantastic functionality too. Everything that you can do on Power E*TRADE, you can do in the webpage. It's just that in the webpage, you have to move around from page to page.

So I have it running in the background. So I'm going to go back over to it here. And we'll start with our little look at the actual platform. So the layout you'll see has a large center work area. I've got a chart displayed in that work area right now. And then two rail areas, two thinner areas on the side. And I'll first draw your attention over here to the left.

These rail areas are sizable. So you can collapse it down, and make it very thin. Or if by chance, you wanted to do something with, say, one of these watch lists, and include a whole bunch of columns, you could stretch it out really wide as well. I'm just going to put it back where I had it. So these elements over here are all separate little windows. So you can see, I can grab this particular watch list that I had there, and move it to a different space if I wish.

Now I've got these in a particular location because of the way I'm using it. Remember, what I said was, this is on my second monitor. So what I'm actually looking at is my laptop docked with a large second monitor above it. And on that, I run my data, and trading stuff as opposed to the stuff that I'm working on right below. So I have my market view window at the bottom because it's easier on my eye. That's sort of the most important thing I want to be able to see at any moment-- when I look up, and be able to see what the market's doing. So it's on the lower area. Certainly, some people might put it up top. And if you were using, <